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20 JUNE 2024


Energy Cleansing and Harmonization: Learn effective techniques and practices to eliminate energy blockages and restore your inner balance.

Revitalization and Vitality: Discover ways to recharge your batteries and amplify your energy and vitality levels..

Clarity and Focus: Gain mental clarity and better understand your life's direction through meditation and introspection.

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Daily activities

Day 1 - Energy Cleansing: Begin your journey with a session focused on energy cleansing and releasing accumulated tensions.

Day 2 - Chakra Harmonization: Explore your chakras and learn how to balance them to enhance your well-being.

Day 3 - Energy Recharging: Experience techniques for energy recharging and revitalizing your body and spirit.

Day 4 - Inner Self Connection: Connect with your higher self and discover your inner power and wisdom.

Day 5 - Integration and Fulfillment: Integrate the lessons and experiences from the previous four days and set your intentions for the future.

Who I am!

I am Spiritual Life Coach for over 13 years! The author of the book "The Blissful Leader".

I can see energy, read, and alchemize energy.


I like to help people discover their potential and learn to use their own power and energy, which is why I specialize in multiple therapies.


 I am practicing over 30 techniques that require access to different types of energy. I am working with mental, emotional, and energetic release techniques.

 I have over 15.000 hours of spiritual practice.


My mission is to create a massive spiritual awakening globally!

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