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Let Me Ignite Inspiration And Share A Blissful Vibration at Your Event! 

I bring my 12 years of engaging stage and TV experience to your event!

It Is My Pleasure To Meet You!

I'm Florentina Gionea, a passionate Speaker and dedicated Spiritual Mentor for Leaders. If you're seeking a dynamic, engaging speaker for your event who can profoundly inspire your audience, I'd be delighted to assist.

With a deep commitment to fostering blissful lives, I focus on making meaningful impacts and building thriving communities. My unique approach involves guiding individuals toward the discovery of their personal missions and unlocking their highest potential.


I help attendees overcome any spiritual, energetic, mental, or material blocks they may face, enabling them to easily attract beneficial people, situations, and experiences into their lives.


Are your attendees looking for security, inner strength, and the ability to manifest their desires? Are they seeking financial abundance and personal and professional fulfillment? I can help them attain these aspirations through my extensive knowledge, experience, and tried-and-true techniques.


My background includes proficiency in over 30 spiritual techniques, media appearances on FOX TV, TEDx, Medium, and Thrive Global, and over 15,000 hours of spiritual practice.


I have had the privilege of working with top leaders worldwide, transforming and alchemizing energy, and aiding countless individuals in their spiritual and personal growth journeys.



If your attendees are feeling blocked, unsatisfied, or just in need of inspiration and guidance, my sessions are the perfect fit. Drawing on my own experiences and challenges, I approach each speaking engagement with empathy, practical advice, and transformative insights.



My experience includes speaking to live audiences of over 1,000 individuals and hosting online meetings with over 56,000 participants. Through national and international television broadcasts, I have reached millions, spreading messages of transformation, growth, and empowerment.


So, if you're looking for a speaker who can offer an engaging, transformative experience to your attendees, I'd be thrilled to collaborate with you. Let's work together to inspire, uplift, and unlock the potential within your audience.


Looking forward to possibly joining your event,

Florentina Gionea

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Here are some facts about my style as a Speaker:

I easily engage the audience through warmup exercises.

I am a dynamic Speaker, I like to fill the stage!

I conduct meditations with thousands of people with ease and flow.

My first speaking gig was when I was 3 years old in front of my grandma's friends.

I've been on stage all my childhood until I

finished high school

I am fluent in English and Spanish!


I've shared the Zoom stage and live stage with Joe Dispenza, Gregg Braden, Deepak Chopra, and Eckart Tolle!

I have been a guest speaker at online summits and forums!

I can easily create content and adapt my teachings to your event format!

Topics I can cover with ease and flow:



Money Flow


Discover The Blissful Leadership Matrix!

Blissful Leadership - How to lead with ease and flow, and lead from your soul.

How to use intuition in your leadership Style.




How to use the power of your soul to manifest a life of balance!   

The Energetic Anatomy of the Human Being!

The Kundalini Elevated Masterclass - How to use your ancestral power to create a phenomenal life.


You choose!

Communicate to me the topic of your event and I can provide you with at least three titles especially tailored for your audience!

If you desire a specific topic let me know and I'll give you back a full description of what I can cover.


Let's make your event unforgettable! Connect now, and share your vision.

A few of my partners in this journey

Ozana, Event Organizer&Tony Robbins Partner

Ovidiu Yang - Coach&TikTok Creator with 2.5M views

Melissa, PR in a high level company

Interested in a captivating talk? Fill in your event details here!

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