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Procrastination and how it affects your mind and behavior!

I know you hear this word a lot: procrastination. Let me tell you a secret. This word had no meaning for me because I always was a high achiever. I couldn't understand people postponing or not taking action. To take action for me was and it is something normal. But sometimes I procrastinate too. So I dug deep and found out the causes of procrastination.

When you postpone things you move further in time you capacity to manifest your highest potential.

Why men procrastinate? 1. Because they have not found their purpose. When you don't know your mission is so hard to start something because somehow doesn't feel right.

2. Because there is no plan. A plan is a roadmap to achieve your goals easier. If you take time to plan you will stop procrastinating right away. My clients procrastinate until they have the plan after the clarity jumps in and they skyrocket.

3. There are missing pieces. Instead of identifying the missing piece, men often procrastinate. So what you need is to ask the right question: What is missing at this moment that keeps me away from taking action?

When you have procrastination as a lifestyle your mind thinks is normal and keeps doing it. So the best way to stop procrastination is to take small action steps, figure out the plan, and then hack the mind into massive action.

How did you get rid of procrastination?

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