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The Four Masculine Archetypes: 🤺 Warrior, 🤹‍♂️Magician, 💘Lover and 👑King

Psychologist Robert Moore took the concept of Jung’s archetypes and used it to create a framework that explained the development of mature and integral masculinity in men.

Like Jung, Moore believed that men and women possess both feminine and masculine archetypal patterns–this is the anima (feminine) and animus (masculine). Today, just a short introduction in masculine archetypal energy.

The Warrior Archetype🤺

Warrior energy overlaps with King's energy in terms of its a propensity for justice, fairness, peace, and order… but it also has a junkyard dog quality to it. Warrior energy will tear your throw out if you stand in its way. But it’s aggression is never mindless. Warrior aggression is tied to a higher cause or virtue. It has reason and mindfulness embedded in it.

The Magician Archetype⚡

Magician energy is about mastery, dedication to a craft, or one (or multiple) sets of hidden knowledge. The doctor utilizes his Magician energy when he plays a healer to his patients. The painter deploys his Magician energy when he gets lost in a creative flow and a blank canvas turns into a work of art in front of his very eyes. The therapist employs his Magician when he sees through the words and hears (and diagnoses) what is truly going on behind the patient’s myriad of words.

The Lover Archetype 💘❤️ Lover energy is the energy of excitement, passion, emotion, sensuality, and youthful idealism. Whereas modern men tend to lack in King and Warrior energy, they are most often quite in touch with their Lover energy (since Lover energy is usually the first of the four archetypes to develop in men as they mature).

The King Archetype 🤺⚡💘👑 A King, in the traditional sense, is a well-rounded, deeply trustable man, King energy is what you earn as a result of having integrated the Magician, Lover, and Warrior archetypes. King's energy is grounded, disciplined, firm, decisive, protective, responsive, present, and centered. What type of energy do you manifest as a man? Comment here and let's talk about it.

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