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4 years ago I was on the TEDx stage. A rollercoaster experience!

OMG, 4 years ago I was on the TEDx stage. It was a rollercoaster experience, but overall I loved it. I remember being on stage and delivering my speech.

I had one devil on a shoulder and one angel on the other. The little devil was saying: this is not right, you missed some phrases from the speech, don't you see people are yawning in the audience.

The angel was speaking to me: you are doing so well, your ideas are very new and people are interested, you are amazing. In applauses, I have ended my speech and got backstage crying saying to myself that wasn't ok, even if everybody was congratulating me and the way I have performed.

My luck was that a friend, who was in the audience, was broadcasting live my speech so I asked to see it. Watching the live I chilled myself and I have realized that I have done a great job.

So, here I am 4 years later, in full pandemic missing old times when I was being on stage.

Post a photo with a memory of yours, something that was easy to do in the past, but the pandemic stopped it!

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