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Hi. I am Florentina Gionea, Spiritual Life Coach.

My mission is to support souls to awake their inner BEAST and use it for a more successful life. 

I am the founder of The Awakened BEAST Menthorship. I have over 15.000 hours of spiritual practice and I am specialised in over 30 spiritual techniques and rituals. 

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My Awakening Story,

Started in 2011, when I decided that I want to open a business. I bought a beauty salon and lost everything in 

2 months, the whole business and 10.000 pounds which were borrowed money. 

After that shock, I went to work with two shamans and spiritual therapists who helped me get over the trauma and open my chakras and meridians.

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Advanced training

In 2013, I met one of my spiritual master. Since then I have been training myself daily for at least 3 hours and every weekend I was working in meditation groups for at least 6 hours. Including the work with my clients, the retreats, and events I have held I have over 15,000 hours of spiritual practice. I have specialized myself in Reiki, Karuna, Melckisedek, Shamballa, Shamanism, Xanat Kumara, Tao,Tantra, Reprogramming the subconscious mind with Gamma Waves. 

I am trained in over 30 types of therapies and I use them whenever is necessary. In the past 4 years, I have started to create new methods to boost your energy, and I am ready to offer you the best of them in order to access your divine power.

Being on a spiritual path is not always easy. The first step you should take is clearing childhood trauma. I understand this better than anyone. My dad was violent to all my family. We lived in a poor environment. I remember that I went to college with 50 pounds in the pocket and some clothes. Then I had to figure everything else out on my own. 

Since I came across spirituality, my life changed completely. I have become more confident, stable, and energetically, and financially independent. 

The Struggle

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